SEO Analyzer - Analyze your site for free

Whether you’re entering the realms of search engine optimization for the first time or, perhaps, already an SEO pro, the following free web tool is great for assessing your site’s current SEO effectiveness. You simply need to enter your URL, along with any keyword you may be targeting, into the tool and it will give your web page a starting score of 100 points. Points will then be deducted from your starting total for SEO functions that do not yet meet the search engines’ meticulous requirements for achieving top positions in the search results. These deductions will be based on elements such as text relevancy, titles, headings, source code and so on.


For each potential SEO flaw, the tool will generate a description and give a practical recommendation for improvement. So why not find out how well optimized your web pages are in the SEO Analyzer Tool and start fine-tuning your site today.